Sunday, Funday

I took a break from washing dishes to blog about how much fun I’m having so far today.  As I type this, my hands are incredibly wrinkled from all the dishes I had to wash.  I finally made a dent in the huge pile I had from last night and this morning.  I cooked dinner last night and made breakfast this morning so of course I had all the pots and pans to clean!  Now I’m sweating from standing over the hot water for so long and my back hurts.  By the way, in case anyone didn’t know, I was being sarcastic when I said I was going to blog about all the fun I was having!  Once I’m done with the dishes I will have to do a butt load of laundry that piled up while we waited for our new washer to come in.   Once I load up the washer I will have to get started cleaning the bathrooms, dusting all the furniture, cleaning the ceiling fans, and find time to sweep and mop while trying to not break my neck tripping over the mess Carter makes!  Apparently M is for Maid!!

M is for Maid

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