Bad case of the Mondays!!

Monday was so Manic that I had to wait until Tuesday to blog! Ok, so I wasn’t THAT busy, but busy enough. Besides, it was Monday, so who really wants to do anything?

While updating my planner, I realized that today is December 14th. This gives me less than 11 days left to finish my Christmas shopping and to wrap everything! I also realized that I do not have much wrapping paper left from last year, so now I have to make time to do that too.  I remember when Christmas used to be fun and exciting. Now, it’s the opposite.  We have to try to hunt down great deals in order to not go broke or in debt and there’s always so many people to shop for.  Every year there’s always more people on the list.  More people, more money, more stress! Bah Humbug! You spend all that time searching for great gifts that people will like or find use out of and then they rip open their gifts in less than 5 minutes.  All that work, all that time, and all that money-all for a good 5 minutes of fun.  Of course, after all the fun, it’s time to clean up the mess!!  And who do you think will be doing that? Hhmmmm… I wonder.



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