M is For Mom, Not Maid!

I decided to blog because I don’t really feel like cleaning!! The living room is a mess, thanks to Carter and his need to play with everything in sight, except for his own toys!!!  Vanessa is watching TV, the Disney Channel of course, which is a bazillion decibels too high and I can actually recite this whole show. (Since I’ve heard it many times before)!

I was just doing some online shopping, which I’m very fond of and decided it was time to put the mouse down!! I have carts full of stuff, but I’ll never purchase anything!! I just like the idea of seeing something I want and adding it to my shopping cart.  When I was on my shopping spree at http://www.victoriassecret.com I realized my total was at 793.00!!! hahahaha… that’s insane! Of course I had to go through everything and take out what I really didn’t need to have.  I obviously do this a lot, because my boyfriend mocked my online shopping addiction by imitating me adding things to my cart and removing them later.  He should be happy I don’t spend ALL his money shopping!! (wink wink).  =)

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to being the Maid!!

Don’t forget, M is for Mom, Not Maid is on sale now!! $15.00 plus shipping (about 2.50).

Until next time!!



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