Just one of those days!

So I got off to a slow start this morning, which really isn’t that rare in this house.  I woke up at 755 and I usually leave the house around 815.  After going back and forth with Vanessa about her need to prepare for the cold weather, I had to get Carter up and dressed for the cold as well.  He had a diaper rash last night, so of course trying to change his diaper this morning was like going to war!  After struggling with him and bundling him up in an oversized jacket, I had to get myself ready.  I had a job interview today, so I actually had to look nice and I had to do it in about 10 minutes.  Needless to say, we left the house 20 minutes later than we normally do.  After dropping the kids off and interviewing for a job that I don’t want, it’s time to hit the gym! Finally going to start one of my new year’s resolutions (which is the same every year and every year I flake out).  This time though, I’m serious! (which is something I always say and still flake out)

I’m tired of storing clothes in my closet because “I will fit them again”.  It’s time to either work towards actually fitting in my clothes or get rid of them and buy bigger sizes! It’s gotta be one or the other and I’m leaning more towards keeping them!!! So, it’s off to the gym I go.  Hopefully not the only time I go this week!

Soon to be me!! haha