Busy Saturday

Today is turning into out to be a nice day.  I made breakfast for the kids, cleaned the mess, hung around the house, did the usual post office and bank errands, went to the park, and now back at home to work on some laundry, a dinner menu, grocery list, and of course, homework.  I’m trying to get all this work done before we leave for Dallas, because I do NOT want to do any homework on my weekend away!  As our Dallas trip gets closer, I get more nervous about leaving Carter.  I always wish for a weekend without the kids, but when they are gone for a while, I kinda miss them! Imgaine that.  I can’t ever get away from these little buggers.  If they aren’t physically around them, I think about them.  I might see something I know they would like or think about their reaction to something.  I can’t help it.  I guess I’m just a Mom! 

While I’m writing this blog, I’m watching Food Network.  I LOVE watching the chefs whip up yummy foods.  It makes me enjoy cooking.  There’s something relaxing about being in a nice, roomy, airy kitchen, watching Food Network and trying out new recipes.  Granted, I’m not a great cook and I’m sure my food doesn’t turn out anything like it should, but I still enjoy it.  I always wonder if the chef’s food is really good ALL the time like they claim.  Every chef, every show, every dish, they always smile and close their eyes like they are in heaven when they take a bite of their fresh creation.  I mean, come on.  Does it really ALWAYS come out that great?  Mine doesn’t! HAHA! But Vanessa thinks so.  She pretty much thinks everything I cook is great.  She’s awesome.

Guess I will go and make a dinner menu for the upcoming week before I tackle this school work.  What a busy day!

Love watching this!


I think I want a pink kitchen!


Maybe one like this!

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