Sleepless Nights

Ok, so last night was a bit crazy, which is why we didn’t get up until nearly 9 o’clock this morning.  I’m still tired so I’m not sure why I’m blogging instead of sleeping in my cozy bed.  I think it’s because I have to tell everyone what happened last night.  It has to do with poop, so this is your warning!

So, as you may know (from last night’s blog), Carter was pretty much refusing to go to sleep last night and he was pitching a MAJOR fit.  I figured I would wait him out, because the night before he did the same thing.  He cried and cried for half an hour and was miraculously fine when I went into his room to lay down with him.  All tears dried up and he laid down to go to sleep.  So, last night seemed to be heading in the same direction.  I definitely don’t want to make this a habit, so I decided I would not give in to fake cries.  He would cry for a bit then stop.  I held my breath each time thinking he had given up and fallen asleep.  No such luck.  He cried some more and stopped again until about 1 a.m.  I decided to get up to check on him and when I crept into his room I thought it smelled like poop.  Oh no, I thought.  The room was dark and I couldn’t see in his diaper.  Maybe he just farted, I hoped silently as I stuck my finger into the back of his diaper for the classic poop check.  Maybe he did fart, who knows.  All I knew, was that he pooped.  I lifted my finger to the dimly lit nightlight and saw poop wedged into my fingernail.  Ugh, gross.  I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and knew I had to try to change Carter’s diaper without waking him up.

I gathered the necessary items and put them in his bed.  His legs were curled up so I had to stretch them out.  I pulled down his Sponge Bob Square Pants pajama bottoms and reached to the front of his diaper to pull at the tabs.  He was laying on his stomach, so it wasn’t that easy.  I pulled his diaper back and tried to clean the poop off of him.  I’m not sure how long ago he pooped, but I’m guessing it could have been when he starting fussing.  Which meant he was probably crying to be changed and not fake crying like I had automatically assumed.  I felt bad. 

The poop was kind of stuck to his butt and I was gently trying to rub it off with the cold baby wipes.  It wasn’t working and Carter was starting to wake up.  He was getting annoyed fast and I wasn’t sure of what to do.  I pulled his diaper all the way off of him and he started to cry.  A “what the hell is going on, why am I naked, I’m still half asleep and I’m very annoyed” kind of cry.  He started to get up so I figured it would be easier to just get him up and change his diaper.  I noticed his hand looked like it had something on it so I pulled it up towards the light and realized……. it was more poop!!!! This boy was digging in his diaper.  Was he trying to get the poop off of him? I picked him up and he flung his hands up and of course, the poopy one hit me right in the face!  We went to go clean up in the bathroom, where he was screaming his butt off because the water was cold and he was still half asleep.  His screams ended up waking his dad up from his peaceful sleep and wondering what the hell was going on. 

After finally cleaning up the poopy mess and getting Carter in a fresh diaper, I put him back in his bed, which of course, made him very mad.  Needless to say, I ended up staying in his room again for the second night in a row.  I snuck out after a little while when he fell back asleep, but he’s going to start to think I am supposed to sleep in his room with him every night. 

I am stopping that train of thought tonight!

It never ends!