New Leaf

Hello everyone!

As usual, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Chalk it up to laziness, I guess.  I haven’t been writing as much as I would like to.  I haven’t really been doing much after I got home from my Dallas trip.  I think I’ve been in a rut.  Now, it’s time to get out and get back to me.

For Valentine’s Day I received a nice little surprise.  No, not roses, although that almost was the case.  I’m glad that Quang didn’t succumb to the pressures from others to order flowers and have them delivered to me.  Sure, getting flowers is nice once in a while, but it doesn’t have to be a the cost of $130 just because it’s Valentine’s Day.  That’s crazy to me and if Quang did that I would probably yell at him before I said thank you.  Instead of flowers, he left work early to do what I wanted to do.  He said he would take me shopping, to the movies, whatever I wanted.  I opted for sitting next to him in the dark and peacefully watching a movie while scarfing down on some junk food.  It was two hours of bliss and way better than overpriced roses, which die too quickly. His time is more important to me.   Besides, I’m not sure I like the fact that flowers are supposed to represent love and  that they wither away and die within a week or so.   What does that say about love?  Hhmm… ponder that.

I left the movie theatre feeling refreshed and happy.  It was just what we both needed.  I needed another boost to pull out of my rut, so I decided to start waking up early and going for a jog.  Today was the first day I did it and it felt really great.  Like it was just what my body needed.

As for my state of mind, I got a dose of reality.  Lifetime advertised a new show called Coming Home, where people in the military come home and surprise their families.  I cried just watching the previews.  Things like this make me realize what I take for granted and make me wonder about the stuff I complain about.  It’s time for me to change my attitude.  I’m a spoiled brat and I don’t like it.  It’s time to turn over a new leaf.  I am currently Under Construction!  We’ll see how it goes.

–until next time–

It's Time

Under Construction!


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