School is out! (for now)

I’m finally finished with this semester! It has been a very grueling, stressful, scream-inducing, hair-pulling experience, but I managed to come out of it alive.  I also managed to come out with a major case of acne and several strands of gray hair. The gray hair issue has been fixed with the help of my do-it-yourself hair dye.  My skin, however, needs some serious treatment from a professional.  I’m currently searching for a dermatologist.

Other than those few issues (and the fact that summer school starts in about 4 weeks), I’m doing fairly well.  I’m hoping to get back to writing my next two projects: Domestic Diva and D is for Dad, Not Domesticated.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any writing other than research papers, so I hope I can slide right back into it.  I definitely have a lot of inspiration and new material.  So much has been going on with the kids and family life, so I’ve been taking notes.  I’ve also been watching my new favorite show, Everybody Loves Raymond (I know, kinda late) and it’s been giving me a lot of good ideas.  When I watch it, I say that I’m doing “research” for the books.

Well, although I don’t have homework to do, I still have my domestic duties.  Time for Carter’s bath.

Until next time


I love cardigans!!