Domestic Diva

Hello everyone! By everyone I of course mean the 5 people or less who actually read my blog.

I’ve been off of work this week and don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished much.  I had so many plans, but they didn’t go accordingly.  I did clean out the bedrooms and closets (which was a huge job just by itself) and I also did some yard work.  Other than that I was busy being a Domestic Diva, trying to clean, cook, and play chauffeur for dance class and softball.  I attempted some writing this week as well.  I’m still trying to get M is For Mom, Not Maid published, but instead of going the self-publishing way, I am now looking for an agent.  While the search for the perfect agent for me is in the works, I am also working on three books: Domestic Diva, D is For Dad, Not Domesticated, and an untitled book.

Domestic Diva is going to be like M is for Mom, Not Maid, with more mommy material.  D is for Dad, Not Domesticated will kind of be the male side of M is for Mom.  My untitled book is going to be a work of fiction.  I’m trying to put together the story, so there’s a brainstorm on the horizon.  It’s definitely going to surround the life of a mother/wife, since I know all about that.

I go back to work next week and I start school in about two weeks (super fun, I know).  I’m excited to get back to writing and seeing how much I can accomplish and how far I can get.

Wish me luck!




Writing is harder than I thought!
I am a Domestic Diva!

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