There’s a {Brain}Storm Coming!

I’m taking a break from writing at the moment.  The creative juices are flowing, so I have to take advantage of this quiet time.  Carter is taking his nap and Vanessa is practicing her softball skills.  Writing a fiction book is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, that’s for sure.  Trying to come up with an interesting story and characters has been a challenge for me.  I’m having a hard time taking myself out of the book.  When I wrote M is For Mom, Not Maid, it was all about me and things that have happened to me so it was easier to write than this fiction book.

I was watching Marley & Me last night and around midnight, I started having ideas, so I busted out my laptop and began typing.  The only light I had was from the laptop, but that was all I needed.  I just had to make sure to get all the ideas down and saved that were coming to me before I forgot about them.  My eyes were getting so heavy, but I knew I wouldn’t remember my ideas by morning.  Now, I’m ten pages into the new book with my story and characters outlined.  I’ve even picked out a few titles for the book, which I will share later.

Domestic Diva is also still in the works.  I’ve been working on a few cover ideas.  This is my favorite so far:

In between all this writing I’m also searching for an agent.  I’m new to all of this so I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’m just going with it.  I’ve got a few agents narrowed down based on things I’ve researched about them, so it’s time to start writing out my proposals.  Wish me luck on that!

I guess break time is over, so it’s back to writing.  Let the brain storms commence!

No umbrella needed!
So true!

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