I’m hanging off the 20’s cliff!

My thought exactly!

So, here I am.  On the edge of the 20’s cliff, holding on for dear life.  How did I get here so fast? I never thought I would turn 30!  When you’re younger you never picture yourself being “old”.  I really feel like I want to cry.  To be honest, I’m not really sure what I feel.  Turning 30 is kind of bittersweet, I guess.  I’m sad to say good-bye to my twenties, but excited to see what the thirties will bring.  I feel that I will be more accomplished, more successful, and more aware.  I’m going to be more optimistic and more knowledgeable.  Being thirty doesn’t sound so bad.  But, I still can’t help but to feel that life is going way too fast.  I’m halfway to 60! I’m almost a senior citizen! I think it’s time for a mid-life crisis.  Time to go out and buy a convertible.  Time to get some plastic surgery and go on a shopping spree.   Might as well enjoy life while I can, considering I’m sky diving off the youth cliff and straight to the land of the elderly. 

I”m not sure I want to celebrate being 30.  I feel kind of down about it.  It doesn’t seem like a “Happy” Birthday to me.  My older relatives tell me that I should be happy to be turning 30.  That I should definitely be celebrating another year of my life.  Maybe they’re right.  But, that’s easy to say when you’ve already passed 30! (way passed 30! haha).

Tomorrow is the big day.  The big 3-0.  I’m going over the hill.  See ya twenties.  It’s been great.  No turning back.  I’m moving forward.

Here’s to turning 30! (Because I’m gonna need a drink or two)

Cheers! I'm 30!


Help Me!!!
Let's hope it's good.

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