Hooray for a productive weekend!

     This past weekend was quite a productive one.  The house is clean, the bills are paid, and Carter got a haircut without needing a straight jacket! Now, many people might think that getting a haircut isn’t really that big of a deal.  Well,  you haven’t seen Carter.  This kid screams bloody murder at the sight of hair clippers.  You can’t bribe him with candy or threaten him with punishment.  He doesn’t understand those concepts.  Carter’s usual haircut starts with weeks of dread by his dad and I.  Once his hair starts getting longer, we say we need to cut his hair and everyday turns into “tomorrow” for us to actually give him his haircut.  Once the big day is finally decided on, we gear up for a fight.  Carter is stripped down to his diaper and we prepare to go to war. When Carter hears the click of the clippers followed by the buzzing sound, it’s on.  We have to hold Carter down and just start shaving.  There’s no real care or workmanship involved, we just have to get the job done as quickly as possible.  The haircut usually involves lots of blood (curling screams), sweat, and tears.  Small whisps of hair gets everywhere.  In ours mouths, in our eyes, in our ears.  The final product is a spotty haircut with longer strands by the ears and the bottom of the neck.  It’s the best we can do given the circumstances. 

   This past weekend, however, marks the first time in history (Carter’s haircut history of 3 years) that force was not necessary.  No one had to work hard or drink Powerade afterward to replace our electrolytes lost during the sweaty battle.  Things went rather smoothly.  It was so amazing to see him cooperate and sit there while getting his haircut.  He didn’t fuss once.  We owed this wonderful change to Netflix on the iPad.  All we had to do was play Barney on Netflix and ta-da! The only question was, why didn’t we think of that sooner?!  I wonder if that would work for Potty training.  Now that’s another story!



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