Grays Grays Go Away!!

     So, as I brushed my teeth the other night, I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and was NOT pleased.  My skin is dull, my eyes are tired, and my hair is lifeless and very Gray!  Sigh.  Gray hairs.  I’m talking more than one or two strands. As I gripped one of the pesky strands, I started to wonder if what my mom said about gray hairs was true—if you pull out one strand, two more pop up in it’s place.  It must be.  What else could be the reason for so many of them? 

     With a total disregard for the possibility of a head full of gray hairs, I started yanking away.  After pulling 5 shiny strands from head I gave up.  It seemed like if I pulled every gray strand out I would be nearly bald.  That is, of course, until the new grays doubled up in place of the old ones.  I figured dyeing my hair would be easier.  I was in luck because I just recently scored some buy one get one free hair dye from Target.  Good thing too, because I’ll be needing it.

     I lathered my hair up with the Golden Medium Brown color (which won’t look anything like the shiny and glossy hair on the box), waited 40 minutes plus the extra 10 minutes for stubborn grays, then I rinsed and conditioned, excited to be free of gray hair.  Well, imagine my surprise when I lifted my hair and saw those same shiny gray hairs from before!!  What were they still doing there? Didn’t they get the memo that they were supposed to turn Golden Brown?  No wonder this hair dye was on sale.  It didn’t dye those pesky grays.  Maybe I just had to many.  Maybe I should have doubled up on the dye and used them both at the same time.  Extra strength. 

     Guess I’ll have to try again.  Or maybe I’ll have to see a professional.  Now I just have to find the time.



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