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To medicate or not to medicate

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been researching medication used for anxiety and OCD.  I’m not actually a fan of medication, but I was interested in what was out there.  Well, it’s just as I thought.  I’m still not interested.  I know it works for some people and maybe one day I’ll give in as my last resort.  It was actually kind of scary reading about all the different medication used for a variety issues and how it can affect everyone differently.  So I either have to deal with my anxiety and OCD as it is or I can take medication and deal with the side effects.

Let’s see…. the side effects.

These include, but are not limited to:  dry mouth, trouble sleeping, depression, addiction, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and weight gain (just to name a few).


WHAT!? No, thanks.  I’ll pass.

So, I guess instead of taking Prozac, Lexapro, Xanax or any other anti-anxiety medication, I decided that maybe I’ll give some natural methods a try.

1.) Yoga

Kimberly Snyder practicing yoga.
Kimberly Snyder practicing yoga.

Yoga is supposed to calm the mind through the combination of breathing and physical poses.  The intent is to relax, refocus and release tension, which is exactly what I need. I’ve tried it before, but I couldn’t get my mind to relax.  It just kept going.  I’m going to give it another shot. Now, I just need to find the time to practice yoga.  It’s more time consuming than popping a pill, but I guess it’s worth a try.

2.) Meditation


Meditation and yoga run along a similar line.  It’s purpose is to make our minds calm and peaceful.  Meditation creates clarity in order to control our minds.  Perfect for me, since I’m a control freak! My mind is always moving.  Flipping from one crazy thought to another in a matter of seconds.  Mental equilibrium sounds like something I need.

3.) Eating better

Choose wisely
Choose wisely

I’ve tried this many times, but I always fall back into my old ways.  Movie nights get me all the time.  Popcorn, chocolate candy, chips.  Anything but celery sticks or apples.  When I’m in a rush or out of time, I’m not choosing wisely.  I’m choosing convenience. But, I need to make a better attempt to eat better for my own health.  I always feel better when I’m eating healthy foods.  We’ll see how it goes.

4.) Massage

I need a volunteer
I need a volunteer

Who wouldn’t want to get a massage to relieve stress and fatigue?  That’s a no-brainer.  Alas, it’s something I can’t afford to do as often as I’d like.  But, it’s on my list.

5.) Aromatherapy

Smells good. Now what?
Smells good. Now what?

It’s been suggested that aromatherapy can help us relax and uplift our mood.  Ok, that might work at the time, but then what?  Once the smell is gone, do the good feelings stay?  I know when I give Carter a bath with relaxing lavender-scented bath wash, it surely doesn’t relax him.  He’s still chaotic and when it is time for bed, he’s definitely not calm. But, I’ll get some lavender oil and try it out.  Why not?

6.) Natural herbs


There are a lot of natural herbs you can take for anxiety, but they can actually have medicinal effects on the body.  With that being said, I’m kind of worried about taking any. On to the next.

Last, but not least…..

7.) Vacation


We all love vacations.  The only problem with a vacation is that it ends.  I’m not sure when my next vacation will be, but I hope it’s soon.  I would love to just sit in a hammock under a palm tree, sip on a cold mojito, and close my eyes as the cool breeze takes over.  Ah. Anxiety be gone.

I’m not sure how many of these natural methods I’ll be able to try to relieve my stress and anxiety, but I’m going to really start attempting to make it a priority before I end up on meds!  And that totally freaks me out.

This is so me!
This is so me!

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