My Daily Dose of Autism


April is Autism Awareness Month.


I’m going to try to blog everyday this month (which might be difficult) about living with Autism.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

As you all know, Autism is fairly new to me.  Carter was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 (he makes 4 on April 8).  We have been through so much as a family with learning about Autism, living with Autism, and understanding Autism.  It’s frustrating, it’s exhausting, it’s difficult, and it’s sad.  But that’s not all it is.  Autism is teaching us patience and understanding, giving us new experiences, bringing us together on this journey, and helping us to appreciate even the smallest things.  Autism is love and support.  It’s strength and courage.  It’s a fight I’m willing to take on.  My boxing gloves are on.

Today something wonderful happened.  Let me warn anyone who may be eating… this is about #2.  Not the number 2, but #2.  Catch my drift?

I’ve been trying to potty train Carter F-O-R-E-V-E-R, with no luck.  He’ll sit on the toilet, but nothing happens.  Until, of course, I take him off the toilet and send him on his way.  Then, it’s time to change his underwear and scrub the carpet.  Unless it’s a time where he won’t even sit on the toilet and he kicks and screams instead.  Or when he doesn’t want to wear underwear at all-only a pull-up (he doesn’t understand those things are expensive)!

So, needless to say, potty training has been a war.  A war that Carter wins all the time.  Well, today while I was in the kitchen washing dishes, Carter came to me and grabbed my hand and started trying to move me out of the kitchen.  I wasn’t sure what he wanted since he can’t tell me, so I just followed (he pushed me) to his room.  Then he laid on the spot where I change him and lifted up his butt.  He was letting me know that he pooped and wanted to be changed!! I was so excited.  It was like progress.  He wasn’t just continuing to play or tucking his shirt inside his dirty diaper (I don’t know why he does that).  He was actually letting me know he wanted to be changed.  I immediately thought that this will probably lead to potty training time.  Fingers crossed!

So as you can see, even the little things excite me.  Things that most parents don’t really think about are things that I celebrate, because it is such a big deal.  Carter has come a long way.  And even though he still has his moments (which you will read about), he is just so happy and lovable and he’s making progress.  I just love him.  Autism and all.