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My Daily Dose of Autism

April is Autism Awareness month! Thanks to everyone who supported and those who continue to support Autism awareness.

*Special thanks to my cousins-Kristy & Manny Cavazos- for making a donation today at Toys R Us with Carter in mind.  We love that you’re thinking of us and supporting the cause!

I must say that today was a really great day.

Last night, on the other hand, was a bit of a disaster.  Carter did NOT want to go to sleep.  I made the mistake of letting him play a game on the iPhone and that was it.  When it was time for bed, all he wanted to do was play that game.  I fussed at him to go to sleep and he just kept getting out of bed.  I was tired and my patience was wearing thin.  He kept coming in my room and he screamed every time I told him to go to bed.  I finally yelled at him and had to listen to him cry.  It wasn’t a “mad” cry.  It was a “my feelings are hurt” cry.  I felt bad.  I decided as soon as I finished what I was doing that I would go lay down with him.  He ended up falling asleep not long after.

All day today I thought about Carter and how bad I felt for yelling at him.  I’m supposed to be understanding and patient-which I always say is a work in progress.  We had a great morning.  He actually woke up around the same time I did and he was in a great mood considering the night he had.  He was all smiles and giggles.  I dropped him off at daycare without any problems.  Whew.

When we got home, he was as happy to see me as I was to see him.  We went outside to play together on the swing set and the sandbox (well, I didn’t play in the sand box).  Even though Carter was having a great time playing outside, he once again took me to his room to let me know he needed to be changed.

After I changed Carter, we read a book together (I stopped counting by the 5th time I read the book).  When it was time for dinner, I let Carter help me do a few things.  He whisked the sauce for the chicken lo mien.  He even tasted the sauce and wanted me to try it too.  He had his hands in almost everything–being adventurous.  Some of the progress that Carter has been making is that he actually touches things without being squeamish about it.  He even does a taste test to some foods.  Before, I couldn’t imagine Carter actually getting stuff on his hands and not be bothered by it.

Carter watched a video while I cleaned up and we played for a little while afterwards.  Teeth brushing and bedtime was smooth sailing.  As a matter of fact, he’s been sleeping since a little after 10!  We had a busy afternoon so I know he had to be tired.

Today was a great day.  Tomorrow might be a different story, but hey, I’m up for it.  The kid makes me happy even when he drives me nuts.

In the kitchen with Mommy!
In the kitchen with Mommy!
My little chef :)
My little chef 🙂


The final product.  Chicken lo Mien.  Yum.  Thanks Carter!
The final product. Chicken lo Mien. Yum. Thanks Carter!

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