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My Daily Dose of Autism

I received a text from my mom today that she picked Carter up from daycare.  She does this a few times a week and he really enjoys going back to his Grannie’s house to hang out until I pick him up.  The ride to his Grannie’s house from daycare is always the same. Same streets, same turns, same directions.  But not today.

My mom had to pick up my little brother from school.  So that meant she had to make a little detour from the normal routine. I already know that leads to: a big OH NO!

She texted me that Carter kicked and screamed all the way to the school after she didn’t turn where she was supposed to turn to go home.  Her text read like this:

“Carter is not in the best mood…since I didn’t come straight home he

screamed all the way to school and was freaking out!!!!!!!!

make sure you come and get him before practice because I am

NOT I repeat NOT putting him back in the carseat to bring him with me!!”

All I could really do was laugh.  I know exactly what Carter’s crazy tantrums are like (of course it’s not so funny when it happens to me).  At least in her car his carseat isn’t on the driver’s side.  In my car it is and when he goes off on a tangent he’s kicking my seat like crazy.

My mom said she kept trying to tell him that they were just going to the school and then right back home.  Even if he did understand her, he wouldn’t be able to hear her through his loud, crazy screaming!  She told him that he had to calm down because people were going to think she was kidnapping him or something! She kept trying to give him her phone to play with, but he didn’t even notice.  He had already lost it.  Just had to ride it out and wait till they got home.

It’s extremely annoying and frustrating  You can’t reason with him because he just doesn’t understand.  This is my daily dose of autism.  I can’t bribe Carter.  I can’t promise him a snack he likes if he behaves. I can’t tell him if he waits patiently for something then I’ll buy him a toy.  I can’t even threaten him with punishment.  All I can do is deal with it and try my best to be patient.  I have to try my best to reassure him even if he isn’t hearing me.  It’s kind of like I’m reassuring myself at the same time.

Imagine what it’s like going to the dentist or the doctor! No fun.  Not for Carter.  Not for mom.

Patience & understanding is key! And I don’t just believe that for kids with special needs.  I believe that’s the key for everything in life.

****I love this pics, so I had to add them****




2 thoughts on “My Daily Dose of Autism”

  1. I have only had to deal with one of Carter’s not so nice moment and I felt so bad for him. U can’t help but love him. He is so cute. Kinligh loves her bubba they play well together and she loves to spoil him by feeding him his snacks.


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