My Daily Dose of Autism–Birthday Edition!

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Carter,

Happy Birthday to you!


Today my “baby” boy turned 4 years old.  Time really is flying.  It’s amazing how fast kids grow.  One minute you’re reading a positive sign on a stick and the next minute you’re celebrating another year that’s gone by.  Before we know it, Carter will be packing up for college.  

I’m not too sure that Carter truly understands what his birthday means, but every time I sang “Happy Birthday” to him he just smiled and clapped.  He’s probably the only one who enjoys my singing (sometimes).  I kept telling him that he’s 4 years old now and that he’s a big boy.  I really hope to see more progress with him this year.  I’m anxious, nervous, calm, optimistic, content (on that roller coaster again) and ready to see his improvements.  I’m ready for him to talk to me.  For him to tell me he loves me and to tell me a silly story.  I’m ready for him to annoy me with his constant questions.  I desperately want to hear him talk.  To have a conversation with him.  But I’m patiently waiting until he’s ready.  It’s so tough.  

Carter had a good day on his birthday.  He smiled all day.  He was really happy.  We played with bubbles outside and he really enjoyed it.  He didn’t blow any bubbles though.  We’re still working on that–less spit, more air.  Carter has a little bubble making contraption and in true autistic style, he was more interested in the mechanics of the bubble machine instead of trying to make the bubbles come out.  He’s always into finding out how things work.  My little engineer. 

Carter didn’t like his birthday cake too much, so we’re going to try another cake tomorrow.  Picky, picky! I need to plan Carter’s birthday party, but I have no idea what theme I should do.  I can’t ask him what he wants (for obvious reasons).  Last year I did Toy Story and he really liked it.  Time to brainstorm.  Hope we have more time to practice blowing out the candles!  🙂

Check out Carter’s birthday collage!