My Daily Dose of Autism

—Screw Autism—

I saw that on a t-shirt and I just have to buy it.  It just seems so fitting.  As some people know, autism is big pain in the butt and it causes a lot of different emotions for one person to deal with.  Carter is autistic, but that’s not how I describe him.  Autism does not define Carter. It might hinder him from progressing with certain things, such as potty training, talking, reasoning, patience, etc, but autistic is not all Carter is.  This kid is incredible.  

He’s just so sweet (you know, when he’s not being a terror) and he’s so funny.  He’s filled with energy… tons and tons of energy and he’ll entertain you until he finds something else that catches his attention.  He’s incredibly lovable and just so happy.  He has such a beautiful smile and when those eyes light up with laughter you just can’t help but to fall in love.  I enjoy watching him read books and put puzzles together.  There are times when he gets really serious about a puzzle or a book–like he’s studying it.  He’s like a tiny professor.

Carter is like a tiny chef too.  He likes to be with me in the kitchen watching me work my professional cooking skills (ok, so I’m just an amateur chef).  He likes to help me stir stuff and he likes to do taste tests.  Most of the time he’ll taste something and just give it back to me.  He loves watching me chop stuff up and touching everything on the cutting board.

Carter loves being outside too.  He runs around the yard, plays in the sandbox, jumps on the trampoline, and slides on his slide. You would think he would burn some of that energy with all the running around he does, but no such luck.  Even right now at eleven o’clock (P.M), he’s still awake.  He’s just in his bed talking like crazy, but not saying anything.  

Carter has a great personality.  He has hobbies.  He has likes and he has dislikes.  He has great moments and he has not so great moments.  Sure he would rather play alone than with kids his own age and he throws a major fit when he doesn’t get his way, but to be honest, I’m the same way (haha) This is all what makes Carter just like everyone else.  No one is perfect.  We all have our faults. We all have our moments.  Carter’s moments just happen to come with a label–Autism.  

Let me just say that this label will not stop him from enjoying life and being happy and it definitely will never stop me from loving that kid to the moon and back and everywhere in between.  



This shirt is so Carter.  He just doesn’t follow the crowd! Well, unless I’m in it of course haha. Can’t get him away from me–he loves his momma!

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