My Daily Dose of Autism


Today started off kind of slow for us.  Carter and I had a lazy morning.  When I finally decided to get up and start the day, Carter was still in bed playing on the iPad.  I was able to get him up and dressed after a while.  When I was ready to go, he was sitting on the floor with his back to me playing the iPad.  I called him to put his shoes on.

“Carter, come here,” I said to him.  No response. He just continued playing.  Ok, maybe he didn’t hear me.

“Carter, come put your shoes on,” I said a little louder.  No response.  He just continued playing.  Okay, I know he heard me.  I was tired and a headache was lingering around.

“Carter, come on, let’s go bye-bye.  Let’s go eat.”  Again, no response.  Good old autism.  Can’t bribe him or threaten him.  I have to tread lightly or risk dealing with a tantrum and a total meltdown.  This time I gave him my “I mean it” voice.  You know, the voice that means business.  The one that means you better do it or else.

“Carter get over here now and put your shoes on. Carter. Carter. Carterrrrr.” 

I expected him to at least look in my direction and acknowledge that I was talking to him.  Well, he didn’t.  I had to get up to go to him and put his shoes on.  

Tonight is ending with a nice meltdown.  Carter wants to play with the iPad and he’s throwing a major fit because I can’t figure out what he wants to do on a certain game.  Sorry Carter, it’s not so easy to decipher what you want all the time.  He also doesn’t understand that the iPad needs to be charged.  He refuses to let me put the charger in.  The iPad is at 8%, which means in about a half an hour or less, Carter will be having another meltdown.  My headache is still lingering around, I need to work on my presentation, and I’m tired so my patience is on a short leash.  Looks like we’ll both be having a meltdown soon.



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