My Daily Dose of Autism

Potty training.

That’s what’s on my mind lately.  How in the world am I going to potty train Carter?  When will he be potty trained?  Is he going to be wearing adult sized diapers to high school?? It really seems like he’s never going to get out of diapers.  Well, it seems like he’s never going to get out of pull-ups since that is what he prefers to wear.  

I never thought I would really let my own child do what he wanted, but with Carter, I definitely let him get away with a lot just to keep our sanity.  Pull-ups are so expensive, but Carter refuses to wear underwear and he refuses to wear diapers.  If only it were so easy to just not put anything on him.  To tell him if he doesn’t want to wear what he’s given, then he just won’t wear anything.  The last time I let Carter run around in his birthday suit he ended up peeing on the floor, slipping in it, and hitting his head on the door frame.   

As far as potty training goes, this summer is going to be a Potty Training War.  I found some underwear on some website that makes clothes for kids with sensory issues.  I figured that he might wear them since they don’t have waistbands or elastic.  Then I saw that these special underwear were $30 for 3 pair.  Last time I saw underwear that expensive was at Victoria’s Secret and I didn’t buy those either.  So I found an alternative from Gerber–for Carter, not for me.  5 pair for like 10 bucks or something.  Anyway, these underwear didn’t have any elastic or waistbands either.  Score! I tried them on Carter.  He wore them a couple of times, no problem.  Now, he doesn’t want anything to do with them.  So, what’s a frustrated mom to do?  

It’s kind of the same thing with food.  If Carter doesn’t like what I cooked, I make something else for him.  If he doesn’t eat that then I make something else.  Then I’m the one in the kitchen spending all this time making stuff and cleaning up after.  Maybe he’s being given too many choices.  Perhaps it’s time to stop giving him so much to choose from and giving him the power to do what he wants.

Carter is about to start getting his own dose of “You don’t like it, then tough. Deal with it.” 

Let’s see how long that lasts.


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