My Daily Dose of Autism

You know, I really thought that Carter turning 4 years old would make him act more like a big boy and less like a baby.  I guess I was wrong.

Today was a big day for me. I needed to prepare for my thesis presentation I had scheduled at 4. I woke up with my stomach in knots and a slight headache from stressing so much. Carter didn’t make it any better.

This morning was an epic fail. The shirt Carter fell asleep in ended up soaked with pee this morning so I had to change it. We already know what that means, but since he was half asleep I kind of felt like maybe he wouldn’t be difficult.  I mean, he is 4 now. Big boy status now right?  Riiigghht.

As soon as I tried to take his shirt off he went off the deep end. We fought for a while– me trying to take the shirt off and him desperately trying to keep it on.  I tried telling him it was full of pee and that it was dirty, but you know Carter. Once I finally got the shirt off of him and out of his death grip,  I tried to give him another red shirt to wear. He wasn’t going for it. He threw the shirt and just started screaming and flinging himself everywhere. I thought for sure he was going to end up with a knot on his head or a bloody nose. I attempted to hand wash the shirt and put it in the dryer just to give him the shirt back and calm him down. Then I realized that would be a mistake. I wasn’t going to give in to him and reinforce this negative behavior. If I had to deal with this, so would he.

I forced him to put another shirt on (which he vehemently protested and I tried my best to ignore) and attempted to distract him. I started filming him and he eventually just stopped screaming. One tear fell down his left cheek and he wiped it away. It was really dramatic. We were running late thanks to his shenanigans and I almost left the house without putting a shirt on him at all. When we finally arrived at daycare I wasn’t sure if what I saw annoyed me or made me happy.

When I opened up the back door to get him, he was smiling!  I just couldn’t believe it. Why couldn’t he be that way all the time?? You would have never thought that 15 minutes before this he was screaming bloody murder. He was now in a good mood. It was as if none of the screaming or craziness ever happened.

This kid is a handful.


After the craziness: