My Daily Dose of Autism

Carter is on a roll with good behavior! Woo-hoo!
I took a chance and went to Target today. I didn’t have anything else to do and I needed to get a few things. I figured I’d get there, try to put Carter in the basket, and end up leaving in despair because of an uncooperative Carter. This I know from experience.
However, this was NOT the case. I lifted Carter up to put him in the basket and he didn’t do the normal thing he does. (When he locks his legs up and refuses to put his feet through through the holes in the basket). He actually allowed me to put him in the basket. I was beyond shocked. I kept saying: “thank you Carter, thank you!” I was so happy.  We actually spent a while in there and he was good the whole time. I told Carter he would be able to get a DVD for his good behavior. I’m not sure if he actually understood his good behavior was the reason he was able to get a DVD, but I hope he did.


He was very excited. Those are his excited hands.

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