My Daily Dose of Autism

Back on the road again. Another 9 hour drive. Carter had some issues communicating some of his wants to us. He thinks that screaming at us or whining will make us understand what he wants. Well, Carter, we can’t read your mind. I’ve been trying to teach Carter that he won’t get what he wants by screaming. I don’t want to reinforce his negative behavior by giving in to his tantrums. It’s been tough because sometimes it’s easier to just give him what he wants to get him to simmer down. Like for instance if we’re in a public place. Or if I’m really frustrated and angry. Once I figure out what he wants I make sure he stops fussing first.
Besides a few moments of craziness it really wasn’t a bad trip. Good thing too. That is a looong drive!


The kids were happy to be home!

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