My Daily Dose of Autism

Oh happy day!

It’s so good to hear that Carter had a great day at school and at therapy. It makes me so incredibly happy. Another thing to be happy about is that he hasn’t been attached to his blanket lately. So maybe that means we don’t have to drag it around anymore!  Let’s hope so.

I’m usually apprehensive about getting too excited when Carter’s behavior is good because that usually comes with bad behavior right after. I’m hoping this isn’t too good to be true. I mean he’s 4 now. He’s practically a mature adult! 🙂

He has been better though. Last night I told him it was bath time and he started to fuss a little. So I just said, “okay, just meet me in the bathroom when you’re done.” And after a little bit, he did just that—and he brought a good attitude. I was surprised at how easily that situation dissolved. Surprised, but happy.

I’m really enjoying this “new” Carter. I mean, I love him as much as always, but he’s a little more cooperative, a little easier to deal with, and still just as sweet and funny as he’s always been.