My Daily Dose of Autism

Big News!
Drumroll please!!!……………..

Carter has made it to the grown-up table! Hahaha

Okay, so maybe that’s not really big news, but at least Carter doesn’t have to eat by himself at the baby table anymore. I mean, he’s 4 now. Practically an adult. Just like his sister (who’s actually 12).

He still makes the same mess though!


Another piece of news today was Carter’s excellent behavior at the grocery store with his Grannie! He was cooperative and didn’t flip out.  His Grannie was thinking she would have to give up on her grocery run after she picked Carter up from daycare (the same way I felt at Target), but to her surprise he didnt fuss at all.  My mom passed up their normal exit to her house (which would normally set Carter off), pulled up to the Winn Dixie parking lot, and put Carter in the basket all without any resistance from him. Wow! She said she just kept telling him that they were going to get some cereal and milk. Maybe he understood? Maybe he wanted cereal and milk? Haha. Who knows? I hope this is the start of great behavior. Fingers crossed (and toes for extra support)!

1 thought on “My Daily Dose of Autism”

  1. Aww.. I am sure he understood because now he knows it is your and your mom’s habits of going to the store or doing things your way which to the full extent that he is understanding it? I am sure of it and Way to go,Carter!!


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