My Daily Dose of Autism

Well, I was very disappointed in Carter’s behavior yesterday. He threw a major fit when his dad took away the iPad.  Carter was this mad:


He flipped over his little tent. Baby Hulk over here. But for real, this screaming fit of his was just so ridiculous. We had to just walk away from him and let him work out his own issue.  There was no reasoning with him. I told Quang that he shouldn’t give Carter the iPad while he was screaming and being difficult. We had to let him know that his behavior was not going to be rewarded.

After what seemed like FOR-EV-ER, he finally calmed down. Well, a little.


Once a little more time had passed and we still weren’t acknowledging his behavior, he finally relaxed and let me change him.


As you can see he wasn’t very amused by the camera.

So, just as I started to praise Carter’s excellent behavior, he has a meltdown. I had a feeling it was too good to be true. Can’t expect him to be on his A-game and cooperative all the time (especially when I’m not), but it sure would be nice if he were!

Well, here’s to wishful thinking!!