My Daily Dose of Autism

I am very pround to report that Carter has been doing some “pretend” play lately and he’s been using his toys the way they are meant to be used. This may not seem like a big deal for most parents, but for us, it’s a very big deal.

Children with autism, like Carter, don’t play the same way other children do.  Carter is more of a solo act. He doesn’t play with other kids, he can examine a DVD case forever,  you’ll see him “read” and “reread” a book and sometimes he just zones out. Carter won’t pretend that he’s driving a police car and make cop car sounds. He won’t pretend that he’s Buzz Lightyear and that he’s here to save the day. He won’t pretend that he’s “talking” on the telephone and when he play with a toy truck or car, all he does is spin the wheels.

Until now!

Carter has been a little more open to letting other kids in his circle. He had a great time with his cousin Jayden the other day. Just running around, laughing, and watching videos together. It was great to see. He also lets my friend Mindy’s daughter Kinleigh feed him and hang out with him. Besides this new outgoing personality toward a select group of kids, Carter has been doing some pretend play. He picks up my mom’s house phone and puts it to his ear like he’s talking on the phone. I’ve also seen him actually playing with his toys the right way:


He’s been rolling the cars around instead of just spinning the wheels.
It’s really great to see all these improvements and changes that Carter is making.

Now if we could just work on that behavior!

Love that kid either way.