Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

You all know by now that Carter can be in a great, happy mood one minute and then suddenly he can do a 180 and be in a horrible mood right after.  

That almost happened today.  He was having a great day.  He was happy, full of energy, and jumping all around when I picked him up from daycare.  When I dropped him off at therapy he was so happy that he started running toward the class.  When he did this, he tripped, fell, and scraped his knees.  That was it.  His mood changed.  He was crying and clinging to me.  I didn’t want to baby him, but I knew his knee was hurting.  His therapists do a really good job at making him be a big boy.  While I’m thinking about babying him, they are telling him that it’s time to go to class.  They tell him he’s okay and that he’s a big boy.  I’m very thankful for that, because I sometimes have a hard time with that.  They don’t carry him around like I do sometimes.  They make him walk instead.  When he throws a fit, they don’t let him win.   

Just as quickly as he started to fuss and make the move toward the dark side, he turned back around to the good side.  And good thing too.  Two bad days in a row are really hard to handle.

I’m starting to realize that every time I compliment Carter on his excellent behavior for the day, he has a bad day the next day.  So, today as I was asking him if he had a good day, I stopped myself.  I didn’t acknowledge his good behavior.  I didn’t say that I was happy that he had a good day.  I want to see who will show up tomorrow-Dr Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.


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