Take 5

Ever wonder why your life can’t be like a TV show?

The problems or issues that are faced on a TV show are usually solved within 30 minutes to an hour and there’s usually some humor sprinkled around the problem.  Why can’t life be like that?  I feel like I’m dealing with problem after problem after problem, without a resolution in reach and no humorous, playful banter lingering around to offset the issues.  Life is just a big problem to deal with everyday.  The jobs, the kids, the house, the finances, the groceries, the idiotic rude people, the bills, the never ending “to-do” list, etc. etc. etc.  There’s nothing funny about any of it.  I watch family oriented TV shows and even when there’s an issue I can relate to, it’s still pretty unrealistic.  It’s entertainment. The problems are solved, everyone is happy, and they move on.

And cut!

Not in real life. In real life we fight for control.  In real life we take more time to solve a problem and when we do, it’s usually followed by another one.  In real life we may look happy, but it’s usually a facade.  Underneath it all, we’re miserable.  In real life, we hold grudges even if we say we’re moving on.  In real life we’re trying to stay above the water, gasping for air.  In real life we make sacrifices that never seem to pay off.  In real life we seem to wander around aimlessly looking for answers, but rarely finding them. In real life we’re just tired. So, so tired.

I think it’s time for a commercial break.  It’s time to take 5, so to speak.  It’s time to take a step back and reevaluate.  It’s time.  It’s our time.