Autism, Motherhood

What I’m Obsessed With

Lately I’ve been obsessed with quotes. Words of wisdom and reflections. I’m really in to reading and writing. It’s how I unwind. It’s how I reflect and sort through my chaotic thoughts.

Considering how much I’ve been tested lately, I find some comfort in reading these quotes and really taking them in. I’ve been cloaked in sadness, anxiety, stress, worry, impatience, and tiredness.  Reading these words of wisdom won’t solve my problems, per se. They won’t make everything just right. They won’t pay my bills, cure autism, or allow everything to fall into place. What these reflections do is help me in more of an emotional, spiritual, and mental way. They sort of allow rays of light to peer through the dark, heavy clouds that life has left hanging. They sort of give me an “ah-ha” moment. They make me smile. They make me realize, even if it’s only for a moment, that things will be okay. That life is good and that I’ve always been one to soar over every hurdle (even if I fall, I try again). These encouraging quotes make me take a moment to reflect and clear my mind of negativity.  They give me energy, a spark, a connection. When I’m tired and disconnected, I just have to take a step back or risk drowning in the crashing waves that negativity brings. Lately, I’ve just felt off and on. Happy and sad. Confused and clear. Motivated and defeated. Encouraged and challenged.

Reading and writing allows me to clear my mind. To release it all. To put things back into perspective and start over. To find myself again.

The two books I’ve been looking through are by Patrick Lindsay


Some quotes from “It’s Never too Late”…





And my most challenging


And from, “Now is the Time”…



This is what I’ve been obssessed with lately. I have a lot to be grateful for.  I have a lot of good people and good things in my life. Life has been challenging lately, but I’ve always been up for a good challenge.

I’m working on rewriting my book, M is for Mom, Not Maid and trying to decide if I should add a chapter or two about our autism journey or if I should write a separate book about it. It’s definitely a lot of work, but it’s kind of therapeutic (and cheaper than seeing a therapist haha).

Time to go get some therapy.

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