My Daily Dose of Autism

Picky, picky!

Carter is turning in to an even pickier eater than he was before.  I’ve always felt that I had my “go-to” foods for Carter, just in case he didn’t eat what I cooked for dinner.  Well, now my “go-to” foods are a no go.  Carter is literally turning his nose up at them.  With this gluten/casein free diet I’m trying to start him on, this is definitely going to be tougher than I thought.  I know that I need to limit his options and keep trying to offer him the healthier foods, but he’s so stubborn that I really think he’d rather be hungry than eat the healthier stuff.

Carter used to be a big fan of spaghetti, red beans, and pho, but lately he’s hasn’t wanted any of that.  I have no idea what’s going on in that chaotic mind of his, but I really need his cooperation.  Tonight I received a text from Quang asking me what he should feed Carter. I told him to just try to give him some of the leftover food we had or to try waffles.  A few minutes later I received another text that Carter wouldn’t eat the waffles.  So, I told Q to try to feed him some gluten free cereal.  Well, that wasn’t cool with Carter either.  Ok then.  What else did I have in my arsenal?

When I got home, I made Carter a gluten free grilled cheese sandwich, which he refused to even try.  My next attempt to get him to eat my way was a gluten free pancake (made with almond milk).  I got excited and relieved when I spied him eating the pancake.  Finally! When I went to give him another pancake, however, I noticed that the plate was still full.  He must have taken one bite and decided: Yuck! (I think he’s on to me and my food games—trying to get him gluten/casein free). My last and final attempt led me to break down and go for an all-American grilled cheese sandwich.  Total gluten and casein filled.  The opposite of what I’m trying to feed him.  I just wanted him to eat.

And guess what?

He ate every. last. bite.

I’m already feeling defeated.  There’s going to be a food war with Carter. Everything I know he likes, I’ve tried to make gluten/casein free, and it’s not working.

Time for me to get creative.


*Get with the program, Carter!*

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