My Daily Dose of Autism

I can barely remember when I used to post about the great days Carter would have. The days when he cooperated and we were tantrum free (both of us). It seemed like so long ago. Lately it just seems like it’s been nothing but bad days. This was supposed to be the good times. The stress free times. Being finished with school was supposed to lift a heavy weight from my shoulders and free me from my stress and misery. Being finished with school was supposed to bring happiness. It was supposed to bring me closer to my family. The opposite seems to be happening. I have no idea what to do about Carter. He’s like a rubik’s cube. I’ll start off curious and really into solving the puzzle, but then there doesn’t seem to be a quick answer and I just get frustrated. I don’t really know what’s going on with Carter lately and the fact that he can’t express himself in any other way except throwing a tantrum is tough.  Very tough on both of us. Its tough on the whole family.

I must say that although I had to pick Carter up from daycare today because he was sick and throwing up, it wasn’t a bad day. Now, for Carter the day isn’t exactly over yet. Bedtime has been the roughest part of the day lately and we haven’t made it there yet.

But so far, so good. When Carter’s medicine wears off, he just lays around. When his medicine kicks in though, he’s happy and bouncing around. So yeah, so far it’s a good day. But it’s bedtime now. Uh-oh.

I wonder if I’ll need an update on this post when it’s lights out.

Sick Carter:

Not so sick Carter:

I must say, it was the best day we’ve had in a while.