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My Daily Dose of Autism

Today it was just Carter & I. Since he was sick yesterday I just decided to keep him home. We still had to get up early to bring Vanessa to school and Carter wasn’t too happy about that. He was sleeping peacefully when I attempted to put him in his car seat. He turned total exorcist on me. It took Vanessa & I to tag team him into the seat. He’s a strong little turd. Luckily, his screaming didn’t last too long.

Carter was doing much better today. It didn’t hurt that he ended up taking a really long nap that lasted a few hours.  It gave me just enough time to do some cleaning, research some gluten free recipes and prepare a delicious smoothie for him. He hadn’t eaten much in the last day except for toast (not gluten free) so I really wanted to get him some healthy stuff.

I juiced an orange and spinach together and then blended it with strawberries and a banana. It was delicious, but then I realized he might not be a fan of the  texture. I thought the strawberry seeds and the tiny chips of ice would be an issue for him, but I figured since the smoothie was so delicious he wouldn’t be very bothered by the texture. I gave him the smoothie in a covered cup that he couldn’t see through. As he sipped the nutritious smoothie I breathed a sigh of relief. I had finally found something healthy that he liked!

And then…..

He spit it out. He actually let it trickle from his mouth so that it got all over the TV stand and the floor and his feet. {Insert annoyed sigh here}.

Ok, so I’m still on the hunt for some healthy gluten free food that Carter will actually eat. It’s definitely a lot of work. A lot of frustration. A lot of failures. Just when I think I have a winner, turns out to be an epic fail. I’m really confident in the next few recipes I found: chicken nuggets, pizza, goldfish crackers, and popsicles. All gluten free and homemade. I’m really hoping to at least have one success. If not, it’s going to be a big disappointment.
           My fresh ingredients:

My fresh ingredients




I thought it was delicious! More for me, I guess.

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