Autism, Motherhood

My Daily Dose of Autism

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day at all with Carter. He was so cooperative for bath time and bed time that I wondered if it was the calm before some crazy storm. I was so hesitant to enjoy his good mood because I needed to be prepared for what was to come. Lately for bath and bed time, Carter goes nuts. He kicks and screams and fights.  I’ve started dreading the night time routines. I don’t know what happened but yesterday was pleasant. The night ended in happiness. I told Carter, “welcome back” because he was like his old self again. It was wonderful.

This morning when he woke up I was so happy to hear him because he was happy. He was in a great mood and I was just elated. Could it be true?! Happy Carter was back and perhaps he was going to stay a while. This was going to be another great day!

Then, the dark clouds covered us and the furious tornado began spinning out of control. That tornado would be Carter. What happened?! I was so blind sided. He flipped on me so quickly that I didn’t even react at first. All I did was tried to put his socks on and he started kicking and screaming. I was able to get his shorts and shirt on after some fighting, which he took off right away. I gave up to get myself dressed because time was ticking and I didn’t have time to have some drawn out war with Carter.

There I was trying to get ready and there was Carter at my feet crying his eyes out. I did my best to ignore him. Then I noticed he had his TV remote in his hand. I knew exactly why he was so mad and uncooperative. This little stinker actually thought we were going to stay home again and just watch Barney all day. He went over the edge when I told him he couldn’t stay home and that he had to go to school. He wasn’t sick anymore and it was time to go to school. I just couldn’t believe that he had his plans set for the day. It would have been kind of funny if it weren’t extremely frustrating.

I tried again to dress him. I put one leg into his shorts and reached for the other leg. He kicked his leg out of the shorts. Same with the shirt. I get one arm in and move to the next and he pulls his arm out. I finally just decided to bring him to the car and dress him later. Once again it took me and Vanessa to get Carter in his seat. I had a little mini breakdown before I was able to get him in there. The kid is strong. Carter kicked and screamed for a while, but once we hit daycare he was fine. He smiled as I dressed him. I just couldn’t believe how he goes through such emotional extremes. He just does not know how to sort through his feelings.

When I picked him up later in the day for therapy he was in such a good mood. We got there early and he was ready to go in. He put his school bag on and tried to squeeze through the gate.

Well, like clockwork, the devil on Carter’s shoulder must have appeared. He just fell apart at the end of therapy. He wouldn’t cooperate and was not happy. His smile was gone and a bad attitude was dominant. I’m going to go out on a limb here and just say he was tired this afternoon and that’s why the grump came back. He was thirsty and sleepy. Those sound like good reasons to explain his bad behavior. I just wish we both knew how to deal with his emotions.

Bedtime didn’t go as great as last night, but it wasn’t horribe. Carter resisted and threw himself around a bit, but I showed him who the boss was. He was going to go to bed whether he liked it or not!

All is peaceful now. Carter isn’t sleeping, but he’s in bed. He’s being good. Quiet. Whew.

Let’s cross out fingers for tomorrow.

This morning’s anger over his change of plans:

So ready for therapy:


After therapy….back at it:

But he was exhausted:

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