My Daily Dose of Autism

Dare I say it? 

Carter had another great day! (Insert applause here). He was happy and playful and he listened for the most part.  We went to Vanessa’s softball game and Carter had so fun running around the park and playing. There was a point when he just wore himself out and got cranky, but that was okay. As soon as we put him in the car he fell asleep. He had a great time and he was in a great mood. He loved going by the canal and just looking at the water.  There was a bird on the other end of the canal and I told Carter to look at the bird and get closer to it and he actually did. It was so refreshing to have Carter back. To have him comprehend what I was telling him. To have him enjoy himself. I also enjoyed myself.  Just sitting in the grass with the warm sun toasting my shoulders and watching Carter smile and laugh like his old self. It was great. Just what we needed.

I was also super excited that I finally discovered something healthy that Carter likes. While he wouldn’t eat the gluten free cookies I bought for him, he did drink coconut water. A lot of coconut water. So I’ll definitely be buying more of that.

Of course, tomorrow could be a different story.  Tonight could even be a different story depending on if Carter wakes up later in a bad mood.

But for today, I can be happy because Carter was happy.


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