Autism, Motherhood

My Daily Dose of Autism

I wish I could say that yesterday was yet another great day with Carter.  Well, it actually was turning out to be a great day until……………

We brought out the hair clippers!

Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!

{Insert over dramatic, scary movie scream here}

We were having a wonderful day until we decided it was that time. Time for a haircut. Poor Carter always loses it when the clippers make a special appearance.  There was only one time out of the handful of times that Carter actually cooperated with a haircut. He sat on a stool and watched Barney on the iPad. It was like magic. We thought we had found the answer to our problem.

Well, we were wrong. The next time we tried to use the iPad during Carter’s haircut it didn’t work. It didn’t do anything for us yesterday either. You couldn’t really hear anything over Carter’s deafening screams. We were trying to hold him down, each of us taking turns when we got tired of fighting him. It was tough. Carter is like baby Incredible Hulk. His veins pop out and his muscles get all tense and tight. He’s pretty strong. Plus, we can’t really put all of our strength against him, so he kind of wins often.

Trying to hold his head down to cut the back of his hair wasn’t easy. He was sweating like crazy, so our hands would just slide off of his head. I really thought he was going to end up busting our faces or his head because he was throwing his head back during his fight. Since he was sweating, the hair was sticking all over his face and his neck and his back. He was even more annoyed because of that. Trying to get him into the tub and rinse him off wasn’t easy either.

Just another day in the life of what Autism brings.

The end result was an exhausted mom and dad, an exhausted Carter, and a bad haircut.


It’ll do until the next haircut (which is a long time from now). I always hope as time passes he will understand that getting a haircut isn’t all that bad.

But, I can only hope.

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