My Daily Dose of Autism

Well, yesterday was a good day until the haircut fiasco and today was a good day until bedtime.

Carter had a great day today hanging out with family. He was good when it was bathtime and he was just so happy all day. It always feels good to see Carter this way. Smiling and happy and playing and cooperative.

When it was getting close to bedtime, Carter brought me a DVD case of what he wanted to watch. Ok, no problem I thought to myself. I could put the dvd on, set the timer, and since Carter was in such a great mood, he’d just fall asleep soon.

No such luck.

The menu came on for the movie and I know he likes to see the menu instead of having me press play right away, so I just left it to play on it’s own. Carter came into my room a little bit after with his remote. I assumed he wanted me to play his movie but when I walked into his room it was already playing. He actually wanted me to put the menu back on.

Without thinking about the consequences I gave him what he wanted. Well, that started a problem. Carter kept coming in my room everytime the movie started playing because all he wanted was to watch the menu.

Who wants to just sit there and watch the menu for a movie over and over and over??

My autistic child. That knucklehead.

Well, of course I wasn’t going to keep going into his room to turn the menu back on for him. When I informed Carter that I wasn’t going to do what he wanted and refused to get up, he went ballistic.

I folded some clothes through his tantrum, pausing only to make sure he didn’t bash his head on something. It wasn’t the worse tantrum, but they aren’t ever easy. The pulling, the screaming, the lack of communication, the drama, the tiredness. It’s tough, but eventually I was able to get Carter in his bed and when he calmed down I left his room. He’s actually sleeping now, so it’s my time to relax and maybe squeeze in some Netflix or some reading on the Kindle.

If I don’t fall asleep first.