Autism, Motherhood

My Daily Dose of Autism

As the news feeds become more and more clogged with information about the devastating aftermath of mother nature in Oklahoma, I can’t help but to be extremely sad. My heart is heavy with emotions–not just with sadness for the families, but also with my own guilt. This blog has been sort of like my own “Diary of a Wimpy Mom.” It’s where I vent and complain and complain some more. With what these people in Oklahoma are going through (and all others who go through tragedy everyday), I am realizing that my struggle is only as tough as I make it. I mean, sure it’s definitely not always easy, but I have a lot to be thankful for. Instead of acting so “wimpy” all the time, I need to start counting my lucky stars and appreciating what I have. I need to keep those who are having real struggles in my thoughts and hope that they find some sort of strength to get through each day.

One thing I have to be thankful for is my great family. So supportive and understanding. Carter has really been on a roll with his behavior. He woke up this morning in a great mood and came home in an even greater mood.

Carter even ate some gluten free animal crackers that he kind if turned his nose up at last week. I was shocked. I was starting to really swear that this kid could smell the gluten. Like he knew gluten was missing in something and refused to eat it!

**sniff sniff**
No gluten?? I’ll pass. Now give me some goldfish crackers with gluten!

That’s really how I picture him.

(P.s- my next attempt is to make GF goldfish crackers and teddy grahams. Yum).

Now, I know prepackaged gluten free food isn’t actual health food, but trust me, this is big.



I worried about bath and bed time when that came around (especially after he grabbed his dad’s phone and started playing games), but everything went smoothly.  Bath time was fun. Carter enjoyed splashing around, playing with the suds, and even playing a game where he let me take a turn. A while after bath time when it was getting close to bedtime, Carter found his dad’s phone charging and started playing a game. I seriously dreaded bed time after that. I just knew there was no way he would put the phone up and cooperate.

Well, Carter showed me. When I told him it was bedtime, he let the phone go (after a little persuading-but nothing dramatic) and actually turned his light off. He layed in bed and played under the covers. No problems at all.

So, as I lay down tonight, my mind will be on all those who hurt, struggle, and fight everyday. And I will kick myself for being a wimp.


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