Autism, Motherhood

My Daily Dose of Autism

Moving with Autism.

I keep waiting for Carter’s reaction to the boxes taped up all over the house. How will he react to his room being empty? To his toys not being in the same spot?

His bed where he sleeps peacefully (and not so peacefully), where he enjoys his movies, and where he and I make a tent under the covers, will no longer be against his wall near the window.

His TV where he has enjoyed numerous Barney adventures, along with SuperWhy, Kipper, Mickey Mouse, and many others, will no longer rest on top of his dresser facing his bed.

His favorite toys and activities will no longer be on his table to provide enjoyment and entertainment like they did when TV was not an option.

His Cars tent will no longer reside in the center of his room to provide him a fun and safe place to hide out and play.

With Carter’s need for routine and sameness, I have been very weary and cautious about messing with his room until absolutely necessary.  I must say that so far, Carter has not had any issues with things being out of place. I repeat… far. (Knock on wood). I’m not quite sure how Carter will react when he realizes that his things aren’t going to look the same and our house isn’t going to be the same and our surroundings won’t be the same, but all I can do is hope that he will adjust quickly and easily. 

I don’t know, though. Feels like wishful thinking.

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