My Daily Dose of Autism

Ok, so Carter’s behavior has been a little iffy here in Fort Worth.  The other day he was completely unmanageable.  I mean, I managed, but it wasn’t easy.  He didn’t want to get dressed in the morning, so he kicked and screamed and tried to undress himself.  It took forever to get out of the house.  That was followed by a decent afternoon.  We went to the park to feed some ducks later on that day and he enjoyed it.  That is, until we started walking toward a giant sprinkler in the park.  It dumped water from funnels and sprayed water from the ground and even had oversized water guns that shot water out.  Well, it looked fun to everyone except for Carter.  He totally freaked out.  All we did was walked passed it, yet you would think we were tossing the kid in shark infested water.

This is when I get sad.  When Carter doesn’t enjoy what most other kids enjoy.  I wish he would be adventurous.  Go run around and splash in the water and get soaking wet and get fussed at because he left his wet clothes in my car.  Carter’s idea of being adventerous is walking up and down the stairs without holding on.  

He did have a good time tossing some bread to the ducks (actually he barely got them into the water).





This was before the meltdown. I’ll admit that he got adventurous by getting really close to the water. He didn’t mind being around this water.

Speaking of water, bath time for the last couple of days wasn’t awesome at all! I ended up in the tub, fully dressed, and of course soaked after the torture was over. Carter was terrified in that giant bathtub.

Yesterday was a different story. Yesterday was a great day. Carter was happy and cooperative and he even enjoyed bath time. I actually had a tough time getting him to leave the bathroom. He even wanted to play in the enclosed stand up shower. He went to bed without any issues, but it was pretty late.

This boy is definitely a giant 3-d puzzle. One that is pretty tough to figure out. I’m having a tough time figuring out what gets him because sometimes he’s okay in certain situations and other times all hell breaks lose!

One thing I do know for sure is that he definitely keeps me on my toes. The very tips of my toes.