My Daily Dose of Autism

The Potty Chronicles:

So, here I go.  Back on the potty training attempt and already off to a bad start.  As I write this, Carter is sitting next to me (sans underwear and sans diaper), refusing to use the potty.  I know he needs to do some #2 business, because he started freaking out on the toilet and tried to get off.  He does that when he has to go.  Apparently he held it in so much that he must not have to go anymore (for now).  He stopped fussing while he sat on the toilet and was more relaxed.  Before this, he was screaming and crying and pulling me and deathly afraid.

I finally took him off and decided to not put anything on him.  He tried to give me a diaper to put on him so I figured maybe the feeling to go came back.  I took him back to the toilet and he actually let me put him on without a fight.  To me, that’s a big deal.  Ok, here we go.

Well, as I was reading a book to him, I noticed he kept looking down.  I finally looked and realized he was peeing! In the potty! Without freaking out! 

He was watching himself pee and realized it wasn’t so bad after all.  Now, I can’t get too excited (even though I am), because next time it could be the total opposite.  He could have a major freak out next time he gets on the potty.  But for now, this is a MAJOR, I repeat, MAJOR, big, giant freaking deal! Carter’s first time peeing on the potty without freaking out.

Bad start, but what a great finish.  Let’s hope this is the start to potty training success.