My Daily Dose of Autism

The Potty Chronicles:

Today was a great potty day.  Carter & I went out and about today and had a good time. I decided to be brave and take Carter out in public while potty training him.  It gets pretty nerve racking, checking his pants all the time to see if he had an accident.  He does a great job though in those confined spaces and with those loud toilet flushes. 

I am so proud of this little dude.  He had a couple of accidents today, but he still did a great job using the potty.  

Carter had a little issue today while we were waiting for our pizza.  He started going around to the other tables and checking out what they had.  I tried to keep him occupied, but he got pretty upset and started acting crazy.  I took him outside to calm him down and tried again.  We went outside twice to check his attitude.  He did end up hitting his head on the corner of a chair, which just made things worse for a second.  

When the pizza finally came, he had calmed down to devour his pizza.

That was the only behavioral issue that Carter had today. Not a bad day at all.

Tomorrow is Carter’s doctor appointment for his 4 year old shots.  Now, that’s something I’m really dreading.  We can’t even pass in the area of the hospital or a doctor’s office without Carter getting really tense and worried.  So, I’m not exactly optimistic about tomorrow, but I’m hopeful that Carter will do okay.  I can’t tell him that if he’s good I’ll go out and buy him whatever he wants when we’re done.  I can’t explain to him that the shots won’t hurt.  I can’t tell him that the shots are to help him.  I can’t distract him from what goes on.  He hates it.  He hates the confinement.  He hates the restraint.  He hates the invasion of personal space.

So while everyone else talks about their brave kids or funny things their kids say or how great their kid did at the doctor’s office, I’ll most likely be describing something a little more intense.  My child, screaming as soon as we pull into the parking lot, the kicking and clawing in an attempt to get away, the calling in for reinforcements to hold him down, the look of fear in his eyes, etc., etc., etc. Get the picture?

Now, I’m not saying this will happen for sure.  I mean, this happened the last time we went to the doctor’s office and knowing Carter, there’s a big possibility it will happen this time.  I’m hoping for a different situation, though.  Something more positive. I’m hoping for improvement and progress, which seems to be the theme this week.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be the next doomsday.

Even so, at least he’s on the verge of saving me money by switching to underwear! yay!!


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