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My Daily Dose of Autism

Carter actually stayed in the same underwear ALL DAY LONG!! That’s right, folks. He didn’t have a single accident on himself the entire day. {Insert applause here} {Insert extra applause here}.

Not only did he have a great potty day, he also had a good day at the doctor’s office.  I was really worried about his appointment today. Carter’s doctor visits aren’t ever a piece of cake. They aren’t even a swipe of the icing off the side of the cake. Carter’s doctor visits usually involve lots of blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, so maybe not the blood part, unless it comes from the busted lip of an adult or scratch marks. There’s definitely a lot of sweat that comes from the many adults trying to restrain Carter. The tears are usually from Carter, with a little from myself. I can’t help it. Seeing my baby like that is tough.

Not today, though.

Usually, Carter is already fussing when we are in the vicinity of the doctor’s office.

Not today, though.

Usually, Carter is kicking and screaming in the parking lot of the doctor’s office.

Not today, though.

Usually, Carter is trying to climb all over me when we get in the doctor’s office.

Not today, though.

Usually, Carter must be restrained (by a minimum of 3 people) as soon as he sees scrubs or a lab coat.

Not today, though.

Carter was totally fine while we waited for his name to be called.  He ran around, played with the water fountain, and used the potty! We took his weight and height without holding him down. All I had to do was ask him to do it and tell him it was okay. While we waited for the doctor, Carter smiled and checked out the artwork on the walls. {This is a big deal, in case anyone didn’t know}.

As soon as the doctor came in for Carter’s check-up, Carter got a little hesitant. He actually picked up his bag and tried to leave. (It was funny and cute). I got Carter to let the doctor check him out and the doctor was really patient and understanding. He didn’t try to rush through the check-up.  He talked to Carter and followed Carters lead. Carter didn’t have to be restrained at all.

Once the doctor left, Carter was back to checking out the scenery.

And then…….

Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnn……

Time for the shots! Yikes. Two of them. One in the leg and one in the arm.

He did fuss a bit and protest, but he cooperated and there wasn’t any need to restrain him or anything. I just held his hands and kissed his cheek and told him he was a big boy and he was being so good. He tensed up a bit for the arm shot, so I’m sure it hurt. He kept rubbing it.


Even at Barnes & Noble he rubbed his arm from time to time.


I took him there for being so great today. I’m so proud of him and his quick progress. It’s really such a great feeling, especially if you know how far he’s come.


Carter’s excited hands checking out the artwork.





Checking out the mechanics of the water fountain. My little inquisitive engineer.

Today was one of Carter’s best days. We all know that tomorrow could be totally different,  but hey, my baby is on a roll right now. He’s bulldozing through roadblocks and soaring over hurdles.

And momma is right there with him. But, with a little distance to give him room to grow and learn on his own. You know, a small distance. Very small.  😉

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