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My Daily Dose of Autism

The Potty Chronicles:

I wasn’t prepared for what happened this morning.

I decided that Carter would go to sleep last night in his underwear.  He did kind of throw a fit yesterday morning when I took his diaper off. Since he did that a few times I just figured that if he didn’t have a diaper on at all then it would be easier. Out of sight out of mind, perhaps.


Carter woke up this morning and was totally dry! No pee all over his underwear or the blankets. I mean, wow! This was truly something I never expected. The first night in underwear and he wakes up dry.

He did pee on himself during his nap, but I expect that to happen often.

It’s finally happening. Potty training success. I knew if I could train my dog to let me know when she needed to “go”, then I would be able to train Carter.

These are the top ways he kets me know that he needs to potty:

1. He does a little pee-pee dance.

2. He does a little pee-pee dance and fusses if I don’t get the hint.

3. He takes my hand and touches his underwear.

4. He goes to the bathroom when I tell him to go potty.

5. If he happens to have an accident, he just takes his clothes off.

He even went and got on the toilet by himself. He wasn’t on all the way though and he kind of got pee everywhere.

I still can’t believe how great this is going. People always say, “oh, he’ll go when he’s ready” (I hear it with his speech too..that he’ll talk when he’s ready) and I just don’t like hearing it. Just FYI to everyone out there. There’s nothing more grueling than dealing with the anticipation of when your kid will do something and then hearing people say stuff like that. It doesn’t exactly help.

I mean, tell me something I don’t know.


Like how to get rid of the Barney obsession!

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