Autism, Motherhood

My Daily Dose of Autism

The Potty Chronicles:

Potty training has been going rather well these past couple of weeks. Carter has had some accidents, which I could blame on his intense involvement with the ipad, or a book he’s looking at, or whatever show he’s watching. If I happen to notice him doing the pee-pee dance, I’ll take him to the bathroom. If I don’t notice, he’ll do his business and then take his pants off to get more comfortable. Or he’ll come wobble over to me for me to change him.

He’s peed in his bed overnight quite a few times. Not always, but just enough for me to be getting tired of washing his sheets so much. He woke up at 5 a.m. the other morning full of pee. That was fun.  Especially when he refused to take his wet shirt off and threw a major, I repeat, MAJOR fit.

We still have some work to do with Carter’s communication.  A lot of his successful potty training comes from me asking if he needs to go. I want him to start letting me know more than he does.

I guess I can’t complain though. He’s really doing much better than I ever imagined.

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