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My Daily Dose of Autism

Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there!

Today we decided to take Carter to Chuck E. Cheese. He was falling asleep in the car, but we decided to try our luck anyway. Considering Carter doesn’t always do well with loud noises and big crowds, we knew we could possibly be walking right out as soon as we walked in.

We figured it was time to start getting Carter out of his comfort zone. To get him to step out of the box–or even just put his big toe outside the box.

As we entered Chuck E. Cheese, I watched Carter take in the scenery. It wasn’t excessively crowded, but there were a lot of people. A lot of noises. A lot of lights. A lot of chaos for Carter.

We tried to get Carter to play some of the games. It was like pulling teeth. He was clinging to me and clawing at me. He did not want to play anything.

We were about to just give up and leave. It’s tough to watch all the other kids have a good time and watch my own kid be terrified of what seems like nothing. I was getting upset that he wasn’t playing games or having a good time. He finally started running around the place and exploring. That’s when he began having a good time. When we weren’t trying to force him to play games. He just watched other people play, observed the games, and ran around. He was smiling, he was laughing, he was happy. 

There was one game he was really excited about. There was an older lady playing the game forever. She had a ton of tickets collected. I started to get ticked off that she wouldn’t take a break to let Carter play (I mean, hello! It’s Chuck E. Cheese!) but then I realized that Carter probably wouldn’t play anyway. He just wants to watch the games.

The good thing about Carter not being like the other kids was that we only spent $2 the whole time. We didn’t have that constant begging for more money, more tokens, or more tickets. We didn’t have to wait to count tickets or sit at the ticket exchange to pick out a bunch of crap. Score!

So even though Carter didn’t have our kind of fun, he definitely had a great time in his own way and he did okay in that crazy environment.








2 thoughts on “My Daily Dose of Autism”

  1. I love this! Our kids can have fun…we just need to remember to step into their shoes and adjust our expectations (not always easy to do!). I think you’re doing a great thing by helping him step outside his comfort zone…I know it helped our 10 year old w/ autism when we gave her a “nudge” every now and then. 😉 BTW…Chuck E Cheese is sensory overload for me too! I kind of can’t stand the place… 😛


    1. I’ve always been so overprotective of Carter and never wanted to put him in situations I felt that he wouldn’t like(okay, I’m still a bit overprotective). But I’ve realized and I’ve been told many times that I can’t shelter the kids or keep them in a bubble. It’s tough to let them be adventurous but it’s definitely the best for them. I was very surprised he went near the Chuck E. Cheese band and actually touched them. Those giant, bug-eyed robots even give me the heebie-jeebies!


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