My Daily Dose of Autism

Today was a day of quite a few firsts.

Carter’s first first…. drum roll please……

Carter actually wore a different pair of crocs today!

I was cleaning out his dresser drawers and came across all his shoes that he refuses to wear. The only pair he’s willing to wear are his black crocs.  When I pulled out his tan colored crocs I showed them to him and asked him if he wanted to wear them. He actually took his black crocs off and put the tan ones on!

That was a first!


As if I wasn’t excited enough about Carter’s shoe switch, he surprised me again.

Carter’s been showing an interest in apples lately. This kid does not eat fruit. No matter how many times I offer it to him. He’ll taste it, but he never commits to eating it. Well, today, he finally tried an apple! I was so excited! And the best part was that he actually seemed to like it (except the skin).


Another first for Carter was his attempt at tee ball. Of course he liked watching me hit the ball more than he liked hitting the ball, but he gave it a few tries. It was exciting to watch him get excited.

All in all, it was a great day. A great day of firsts and hopefully many more to come!