My Daily Dose of Autism

Today was Gluten Free day!

I finally opened the test kitchen for some gluten free cooking.

On the agenda:

Gluten Free/Dairy Free Pizza

Gluten Free/Dairy Free “Cheez Its”

Watermelon Ice Pops

Okay, so the gluten free kitchen didn’t open up until lunch time.  Carter ate frozen waffles for breakfast (not gluten free).  I’m really just testing out some of Carter’s favorite foods to make sure they get the green light.  The only problem is that Carter might eat something one day and the next day he might not be interested.  

I’m sure you’re all dying to know the results.

Okay, first up was the watermelon pop.  I made this by juicing about 1 cup of watermelon, then blended the juice with 1 cup of coconut milk and 2 spoonfuls of Stevia in the Raw.  

Carter loves popsicles, but I am staying away from the store bought kind and sticking to making my own.



The verdict?

He loved it! Ate the whole thing.


Next up, Pizza.

Carter loves pizza. He really, really, really, loves pizza.  So, I was kind of skeptical about this gluten free pizza.  I searched far and wide for an easy recipe with ingredients I had on hand. 

I changed the recipe a bit and added dairy free cheese and organic, gluten free pizza sauce.  It wasn’t difficult to make.

I started with mixing the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl and then added the other ingredients into my Ninja blender.  


I used the dough blade to make the dough, which came out kind of sticky. I added a generous amount of rice flour in order to work with the dough.




After rolling the dough out, I added my toppings.




And into the oven it went! Fingers crossed…….

Tick tock, tick tock.




It came out quite tasty! I will be tweaking the recipe a bit, but for a first try, it was definitely better than I expected.  And the best part? 

Carter actually ate it! 

Score! 2 for 2.

Last but not least….

“Cheez Its”

Carter loves, loves, loves these crispy, cheesy, pre-packaged crackers.  Which is why I just had to go searching for a gluten free recipe.  Since gluten free doesn’t always mean healthy, I made a few changes.  I opted for coconut spread instead of butter and dairy free cheese instead of regular cheese.

I added my ingredients to my Ninja (which is working overtime by now), made the dough, and rolled it as thin as I could get it.





Next, I cut my little squares and even cut out some animal shapes. My first batch didn’t come out so great.  I left them in the oven a bit too long.  My second batch came out pretty good. But Carter was the ultimate judge.


So, here he is testing them out.  He’s very suspicious of these impostor Cheez its.

ImageOk, he’s not buying it.  See ya, mom.  Nice try.



I didn’t push him to eat it.  I just left it on the table for him to try again if he wanted.  And what do you know…. 30 minutes later…..




I guess they weren’t so bad after all.  I’ll take that.

Score! 3 out of 3 sounds good to me. 

Today was a successful day in the test kitchen. Next up on the agenda is to find a good chicken nugget recipe along with fries and bread.  This kid loves him some bread.  I’m in desperate need of a really good gluten free bread recipe.  

Time to start my research.



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