My Daily Dose of Autism

Today was a relaxing Monday.  I bought a small pool for Carter to try to get him used to “swimming”. He always freaks out when we go near a pool. The funny thing is though, he loves water. Once we get him in a pool or even the bath tub, he doesn’t want to get out.

He freaked out a bit with the small pool. He didn’t want to get in a first. Once he got in and started splashing around, he was so happy.  I’m hoping this can get him used to being in a pool. I want to be able to take him to a bigger pool without having him kick and scream.


Splish, splash



Excited hands!


He was having so much fun.

It was so great to see Carter having a blast. We’ve had a rough couple of days and this was exactly what we needed.

I hope we see more days like this. Time for some summer fun!

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